Notes from the road edition 8: Fresh ink, turning 24, and endless adventures

This week started slow.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were work days. I sat in cafes editing photos, working on the blog, and generally doing all the behind the scenes things that need to get done.

Taco Tattoo Tuesday

Every Tuesday at Deus Ex Machina in Canggu, they offer a special deal. Buy a taco, get a free tattoo. It was simply too good an offer to pass up.

How it works:

Only 16 people get a chance at gaining some fresh ink. You have to line up from about 5.30 pm and at 6 pm staff will add your name to the list of human canvases for the night.

I spent the night chatting with new friends, eating tacos, and eagerly awaiting my turn up on stage.

I recently got to meet Josh Lynott and buy his book, ‘Why Don’t You? Thoughts Worth Thinking’. The message that he and the book espouse is one that I really resonate with, so I decided to get ‘Why Don’t You?’ tattooed on the back of my arm.

Taco Tatto Tuesday Deus Ex Machina.jpg

It’s a constant reminder that I am capable of doing the things I want to do. That if I say I want to do something, I can. I just have to eliminate excuses.

The rest of the week has been non-stop adventure. 

Wanderers and Warriors

On Wednesday I met up with Charlie and Lauren from Wanderers and Warriors and headed south to Uluwatu for a massive day of exploring.

Starting with breakfast at Cashew tree café, we headed off on our scooters to explore what Uluwatu had to offer.

Abandoned plane.

Rumours abound that this abandoned Boeing 737 was originally intended to be turned into a restaurant. Now it sits just off the highway in Uluwatu as a photo opportunity for travellers.

Abandoned plane Uluwatu.jpg

Pandawa Beach

A very popular beach in Uluwatu. The white sand is lined with sun umbrellas and day beds that can be rented, which just isn’t really my style. The water however, is stunningly blue, and if you’re there it’s definitely worth going for a swim.

Pandawa Beach Bali.jpg
Photo Credit - Charlie and Lauren

Photo Credit - Charlie and Lauren


Karang Boma cliff

Usually lauded as an epic sunset spot, we spent our time here hopping between hiding in the shade from the heat of the day and admiring the epic panoramic views of the Bali coastline from the cliffs edge.

Photo Credit - Charlie and Lauren

Photo Credit - Charlie and Lauren


Suluban Beach

The famous cave beach of Uluwatu. It’s a nice spot, but what shocked me here was the insane amount of rubbish that littered the caves. Rubbish in Bali is a topic that I will go into more detail in on another blog post but seeing such a gorgeous location tarnished by such waste is really painful to see.

Photo Credit - Charlie and Lauren

Photo Credit - Charlie and Lauren

Photo Credit - Charlie and Lauren

Photo Credit - Charlie and Lauren

Check out their instagram and blog here.


On Thursday I turned 24.

To me, it’s just a number. I choose not to see my birthday as anything other than another day. Instead, I try to see each day as a gift to be utilised, to be made the most of, to be squeezed for every last drop. Because I think it’s the experience that we collect along the way that determine who we are, not because of the arbitrary importance of a single day or because we add another number to the amount of years we’ve lived.

Adventuring with The Common Wanderer

I managed to escape the Canggu bubble on Thursday as well. Along with Mark and Mim from The Common Wanderer and JP and Asja from Travel Leap, I headed out to Sideman for the night. Friday morning saw us rise well before dawn, get lost a on some seriously dodgy roads, miss sunrise, and finally arrive at our destination, Bukit Cinta.

This is the classic shot of Mt Agung over the rice paddies. It’s as stunning as it sounds and missing sunrise may have actually worked in our favour. The morning was cloudy, hazy, and grey, so even if we had made sunrise, there wouldn’t have been much of a show. By the time we arrived though, the haze had been burned off and we were afforded a clear view of Mt Agung for a good hour before it got clouded out.

Bukit CInta Bali.jpg
Bukit Cinta Bali.jpg
Bukit Cinta Bali.jpg

Next stop was Ubud. Often lauded as peaceful jungle sanctuary, Ubud feels more like an established city. Still though, there are some epic spots around. We tried for sunrise at Tegallalang rice terrace, but the weather once again wasn’t in our favour, so the results didn’t quite pan out.

Not to be deterred, we continued our quest for adventures by heading to Leke Leke waterfalls on Sunday.

Photo Credit - The Common Wanderer

Photo Credit - The Common Wanderer

This place is probably my favourite waterfall in Bali in terms of beauty. It sits at the end of a gully and is just this gorgeous string of white in a dark and gloomy jungle scene. Truly awesome.

We now find ourselves near Singaraja in the North of Bali for a night or two to chase more waterfalls. But those you will have to read about next week.

Until then,

Happy voyaging!