A guide to Bali's Nungnung Waterfall

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Nung Nung Waterfall is one of those places that takes you by surprise at how awesome and beautiful it is.

Knees burning and breaths coming in ragged gasps from the short but very steep climb down from the car park, we hear Nung Nung Waterfall before we see it. That familiar thumping roar of water falling from up high to smack into the ground below.

We’re so distracted by our own sweating and panting that we barely register what it is we’re seeing when we round the bend and clap eyes on the fall for the first time.

Falling from up high it fills the circular valley with the sound and spray of its descent. There is a group of other tourists taking turns to pose for the exact same photo to the left, and to the right a small beach-like area that is completely empty. It’s to here that we head first, away from the masses.

We’re patient, and the hordes of selfie chasers leave. The only sound now is the intense fall of the water, a beautiful sound.

Nungnung waterfall.jpg
Nungnung waterfall.jpg
Nungnung waterfall.jpg


Everything you need to know before visiting Nungnung Waterfall

How to get there

Location | Nungnung Waterfall, Petang, Badung Regency, Bali


 Scooter/car | From Canggu it was about an hour and a half’s ride along Jl. Raya Denpasar before turning off and passing through some quiet Balinese villages and parking at the entrance to the falls.

Note* If you’re following Google Maps, be sure to put in Nungnung Waterfall Carpark. If you just put in Nungnung Waterfall, it will take you to the road on the other side of the valley where there is no access to the waterfall.

Taxi | If you don’t feel confident to navigate Bali’s somewhat hectic roads by yourself, you can always hire a taxi to make the trip to Nungnung Waterfall. These can usually be organised through your accommodation, or you can find a reliable service such as the Bluebird Taxi’s on the street. Always be sure to agree on a price beforehand or make sure the meter is running BEFORE you get into the car.

 The Essentials

Cost | The entry fee to Nungnung Waterfall is 10’000 IDR per person

When to visit

Time of year | Bali has two main seasons, wet and dry. For the best conditions, I suggest visiting Nungnung Waterfall between February to April. It’s then that you’re more likely to get decent weather without it being extremely hot and dry.

Time of day | As with all popular spots in Bali, the earlier you get there, the less likely you are to have to deal with the crowds.

The Hike

The hike down to Nungnung Waterfall is short but very, very steep. For someone who is reasonably fit, it should take about 20 minutes. The hike starts off gently from the carpark, with a slowly descending path that eventually turns into a steep set of concrete stairs that you’ll have to take on to get to the waterfall. The stairs can be quite slippery due to the jungle conditions, but there is a handrail most of the way down for support. Once you reach the bottom, the path flattens out and clings to the edge of the valley before coming to the waterfall itself.

Photography at Nungnung Waterfall

Want that Instagram banger or just fancy yourself a bit of a photographer? Then Nungnung Waterfall is a great place to capture some stunning imagery. Its location in a valley means the light is best a little later in the morning, around 8 – 10 am. There are a few different approaches to take when shooting at Nungnung Waterfall.

To the left of the fall is a rocky beach area where most people take photos from. If you sit further back from this, around the bamboo bridge that crosses the river, you can get some really beautifully framed images with your subject/insta bae situated in front of the fall on the beach area. This beach area is also protected from the majority of the spray from the fall, making it a little easier as a shooting location.

To the right is another beach area that looks at the waterfall front on, enabling some cool photo opportunities, but the spray from the falls here is at its most intense, so beware of your camera gear!

Nungnung waterfall.jpg
Nungnung waterfall.jpg

Where to stay

I was staying in Canggu when I made the journey to Nungnung Waterfall, where there are plenty of accommodation options for every kind of traveller.

Use this link to check availability and prices on Airbnb and potentially save yourself up to $55. Or you can follow this link to see other accommodation options all over Bali.

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