Jewel in the Jungle – A guide to Leke Leke Waterfall

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Set deep in the lush jungles of Bali’s central region, Leke Leke Waterfall is the hidden jewel that needs to be on every Bali tourist map.

Leke Leke Waterfall isn’t among Bali’s most famous waterfalls, but it skyrocketed its way to the top of my ‘favourite waterfalls in Bali’ list from the moment I saw it.

A fellow photographer had reached out to me on Instragram a few days prior wanting to collaborate while we were both in Canggu, Bali and after meeting up we decided a waterfall mission was definitely the way to go. An hour and a half on the scooter later and armed with nothing but our camera’s and a healthy sense of adventure, we made it to Leke Leke Waterfall.

From the entrance it was an easy 15-minute walk down dirt paths turned to mud by the shoulder-season rains to the fall itself. Leke Leke Waterfall is one of those classic cascades that you hear well before you see it. The sound of rushing water combines with a mist that could be from the falls or be the foreshadowing of rain. Over a rise and around a corner and we laid eyes on the waterfall for the first time.

A silky-white stream of water rushes from above into a dead-end gully carved into the rock over millenia – a testament to the power of nature over time. It splits the relative gloom of the dark greens, browns, and blacks of the jungle around us. We stand there, speechless, as what we see evokes feelings of awe, beauty, and power.

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leke leke waterfall.jpg
leke leke waterfall.jpg

Although not one of Bali’s famous waterfalls, Leke Leke Waterfall really is Bali’s hidden jewel in the jungle. I could easily spend hours here, snapping photos, appreciating the area, and frolicking under the cascade (and have done so twice!).

So, if you want to check out what I think is one of best waterfalls in Bali, check out the guide below.

 everything you need to know before visiting Leke Leke Waterfall, Bali


How to get there 

Location | Antapan, Baturiti, Tabanan Regency, Bali 82191


Scooter/car | From Canggu it was about an hour and a half’s ride along Jl. Raya Denpasar before turning off and passing through some quiet Balinese villages and parking at the entrance to the falls. The turn off isn’t the most obvious and can be easy to miss, so make sure you’re paying attention to those Google Map directions.

Taxi | If you’re not up for making the trip out to Leke Leke yourself, you can always hire a taxi for the day. You can usually organise these through your accommodation or find a reliable service such as the BlueBird Taxi’s on the street. Always remember to agree on a price beforehand or ensure that the meter is running BEFORE you get in the car.  

The essentials 

 Cost | The entry fee to Leke Leke Waterfall is 30’000 IDR per person.

Note* There is a small gateway just as you arrive at the actual waterfall after walking down from the carpark. The first time I visited our tickets weren’t checked, but the second time I visited a local ‘checked’ our tickets and asked for a donation before we could proceed to the falls. So, keep your tickets handy and have a few coins ready just in case.  

when to visit

Time of year | Bali’s seasons are split in two, the wet and the dry. For best results, I recommend visiting Leke Leke Waterfall between February to April. This is known as the shoulder season and is when the constant rain starts to ease but the temperatures remain reasonable.

Time of day | Leke Leke Waterfall is quickly growing in popularity which means more and more people visit it each day. To beat the crowds, aim to get there as early as possible.

Photography at Leke Leke Waterfall

If you fancy yourself a photographer, Leke Leke Waterfall is a great place to capture some awesome images. There are several ways you could approach shooting in this area.

From Afar | There is a large boulder that sits almost perfectly in front of the falls. If you position someone on that boulder and shoot from the top of the stairs leading down to the base of the waterfall, you can get some awesome ‘shoot through’ images with the surrounding greenery.

Up Close | If there hasn’t been heavy rain recently, the large boulder acts as a sort of dam structure where sand builds up on the waterfall side, creating a small beach. From here you can capture some up-close shots of the fall.

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Where to stay

I’ve been to Leke Leke Waterfall twice. The first time I made the journey from Canggu, and the second time from Ubud. There are plenty of places to stay in both these areas, or you could book somewhere a little closer if you feel so inclined.

Use this link to check availability and prices on Airbnb and potentially save yourself up to $55. Or use this link to see what else is available in Bali.

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