Notes from the road - edition 13: Sliding in Ceylon


A drastically different pace has been set this week, in a very good way.

After a pretty intense schedule moving through central Sri Lanka, I’ve taken the opportunity this week to slow things down a little.


I love this place. It’s small, it’s wonderful, it’s got everything I needed this week. I started each day with a sunrise swim and followed it with an early morning vinyasa flow class at Salt Yoga House. Following that was a surf out on the point and a run. It feels absolutely sensational to be moving my body like this again. I’m happiest when moving like this and having the freedom to do so has given me a real sense of peace.

Dondra Lighthouse.jpg

With the slower pace has come the opportunity to interact with my own thoughts on a much deeper level than what I’m usually afforded. It’s an interesting exercise simply allowing yourself to sit in your thoughts where normally the rush and hustle of everyday life would force us to dismiss thoughts or put a pin in them for that elusive ‘when I have time’. I’ve filled many pages of my journal with these thoughts and have what feels to be at least the beginnings of a sense of clarity. Although I’ve felt like that in the past, only to have to it slip from my grasp, so we’ll see. For now, it’s just one day at a time.  

Easter Sunday Tragedy

The tragic bombings that happened in Colombo on Easter Sunday have understandably changed the vibe here in Sri Lanka. It’s not a huge shift, but I can definitely feel that things are far more tense than they normally would be. I’m just glad to have been nowhere near such events.


I’m currently in Weligama, and here I’ll remain until the end of April when I fly to India to start my Yoga Teacher training in Rishikesh.

I’m super stoked for the next leg of my journey. I’ve discovered that while I enjoy having time to myself, I don’t particularly enjoy solo travel as much as I thought I would. I thrive on having people around me to interact with. People who are positive and hyperactive, people that do things.

India will be a chance to reconnect with my good friend Megan from New Zealand who I met in Bali last year when I was there with Global Hobo. I’ll also get to share the experience with a whole new group of strangers. I can’t wait.


Having these put in place last week has definitely helped keep me accountable and I’m super stoked that I managed to hit all my goals for the week. I’ve posted three blog posts from Bali and one from Sri Lanka. I’ve been in the ocean or surfed every day, as well as done yoga or ran every day. My diet, while not exactly as I would like it, is as good as I can get it given my current situation, for which I’m grateful.

For the week ahead I would like to:

Blog | I’m actually not 100% happy with the direction that the blog is headed at the moment. So, this week I’m going to take a step back from all things blogging and take time to properly consider where I want the blog to go and how I can get it there.

Body | Continue to exercise daily. I don’t know what conditions in India will be like for running, however, I’ll be practising yoga every day, so I’ll at least be maintaining some form of physical activity.

Mind | Be present. I have a habit of looking too far in the future for my satisfaction/happiness. My aim for India, as I complete my Yoga Teacher training, is to focus far more on the present. On what I have in front of me right now, and the 24 hours ahead of me, rather than the months or years.

Until next week from India, happy voyaging!