Notes from the road – edition 22: European Summer

Touch down Europe

After years and years of wishing, I’ve finally set foot in Europe. I left the comfort and companionship of Dharamshala on Wednesday night and arrived in Amsterdam on Friday morning.

My first impressions of the city were ones of amazement. It’s simply stunning. The sun doesn’t completely set until around midnight, which is playing havoc with my sleep cycle, but it does mean there is more hours of daylight to enjoy the beauty of this place.

I’ve landed on my feet, staying with a Workaway in central Amsterdam helping make concrete furniture and art. The people are lovely, the views from the apartment beautiful, and the work satisfying in a way that takes me back to high school woodwork.

I’ve taken my first few days to get established and explore a little, and this week I hope to establish a bit more of a rhythm.


After two months off the pins in India, I managed to get my first trot in. It feels unbelievably good to tap away on the legs again.

That’s all from this week. Very much in a bit of transition phase while I figure out the best process to move forward.

Until next week, happy voyaging!