Notes from the road – edition 25: Settling in

This week has just been about settling in to my new surroundings. I’m going to be here a while and so I’m taking my time in exploring what Rotterdam has to offer.

Tuesday markets

Every Tuesday and Saturday here in Rotterdam there is a big market in the main square of the market district. Food, clothes, and a random assortment of clothes are on offer, and it’s where I’ve been doing my groceries. I love supporting local suppliers, and markets are such a great opportunity to see the people of a place interacting in a really genuine and unique way.

Rotterdam Markets.jpg
Rotterdam Markets.jpg
Rotterdam Markets.jpg

Riding to the Hague and slack lining

On Wednesday I rode out to the Hague via Delft with another hostel volunteer. We’d heard about a 200 metre highline above a lake and had to check it out. If you don’t know what high lining is, it’s basically tight rope walking, but one a strap instead of a rope.

Delft clocktower.jpg
High lining.jpg
High Lining.jpg
High Lining.jpg

Eendracht Festival

Rotterdam always seems to have something cool going on. On Thursday night the Eendracht Festival took place. A music festival of sorts, with dozens of venues hosting scores of artists, performers, and musicians across the city. I didn’t spend too much time exploring as I was quite tired and wanted to give my body a rest after cycling 50km the previous day.

Eendracht Festival.jpg

And that’s about it for this week.

I’m still figuring out what structures and routines are going to work for me while I’m here. The weather has been mostly cloudy and raining, so not ideal for the kind of shooting I want to do. But I’m keen to get out and explore a little more of the city and surrounds this week now that I’m more settled.

Until next week, happy voyaging!