Notes from the road – edition 28: all quiet on the Europe front

Another very quiet week here in Rotterdam.

For the moment I’m still just saving my pennies and planning the next leg of my journey. I’ve booked a few tickets and am super excited to go see my friend Elliot compete in the ironman worlds in Nice, France come September!

I have delved into the nightlife of Rotterdam this week though. I’m not that big on partying anymore, but it’s been nice to have a few nights of fun. Definitely not a regular occurrence though as my body is pretty unhappy with me.

Honestly, I’ve just kind of taken the week off from everything. Writing, photography, running. Just a week to do nothing and expect nothing and sort of recalibrate for the next month I have in Rotterdam.

I have been introduced to some cool spots around the city by an old volunteer at the hostel though, so next week is looking to be far more exciting on the activities front.

Until then, happy voyaging.