Notes from the road – edition 29: Familiar faces and Lowlands Music Festival


This week I’ve been blessed with the beautiful faces and company of Brendon and Caitlan, close friends from back home in Australia.

To start the week, we went to a bouldering gym and clambered over the walls. Rock climbing is one of those activities that I love, but never do as often as I’d like. It was super fun to test my finger strength and climbing skills again after months and months away from it.


I got to play tour guide for Caito and Brendo as well, taking them on bikes all over the city of Rotterdam, my home for the last month or so.

Seeing familiar faces has been such a breath of fresh air. I hadn’t realised how much I missed home and my friends. It’s the life of a solo traveller I guess, but that fact doesn’t make it any easier to be away from the ones you love. It’s made me realise how lucky I am to have friends like these back home, even if our lives are all starting to move in different trajectories.  

Rotterdam lake.jpg

Lowlands Festival

Music festivals are up there with one of my favourite environments in the world. The atmosphere, the energy, the costumes, the music, just everything. I absolutely adore putting on some silly outfits and dancing the night away. Whether it’s my favourite bands or someone completely new, it’s all just such a good time.

It was great to see the difference in European festivals compared to music festivals back home as well. Just little things about the organisation made the entire weekend such a good experience. If you get the chance to go to a music festival in Europe, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Apologies for the late post this week, I spent most of yesterday recovering from indulging in a few too many naughty waters and a lack of sleep.

Until next week, happy voyaging!