Notes from the road – edition 31: Soaking up the sun

This week was my last full week in the Netherlands for a while.

The weather has managed to hold, which is nothing short of a miracle according to the locals I’ve spoken to.

I’ve had some really great journaling sessions this week. I think this is due in part to the continued sunshine, but mostly to my insistence that if I don’t absolutely have to be in the hostel, I get out. To a café, to the lake or any sort of nature, it doesn’t matter. The hostel is like home, and I’ve never been great at being productive while at home.

Getting out and about has really helped clear a lot of the clutter that had been crowding up my mind over the last few weeks.

Here’s two thoughts from the week that stuck with me and had an effect on how I went about my days.

Environment is so crucial. The setting in which we complete tasks, undertake actions, do things, has such an effect on the outcome and the richness of the experience. You have to be in an environment that excites you, with people that get you. That’s where the magic happens.

Even in the depths of our darkest hours, cling to the brightness you inherently hold within you. It’s there, I promise, in one form or another. Find it, hold it, nourish it. And while the darkness may never fully dissipate, it will at least diminish.

Aside from journaling, I’ve managed to squeeze in quite a few good times this week, both in and out of the sunshine.


On Wednesday I joined a group from the hostel and ventured out to try a Dutch specialty, Poffertjes, which are like mini pancakes. Sitting in the sun, feasting on far too much sugar, all with good company, it was a great afternoon.

Poffertjes Rotterdam
Poffertjes rotterdam

Live Music

Live music is one of my favourite things. On Wednesday night, in place of our usual movie night, we were graced by Fort Vine, an Indie-Folk band from New York City, who now drive around the states in their converted van, slinging their feel good tunes wherever they go. Between tapping my foot and enjoying the tunes, I managed to snap a few shots.

Check out their Spotify here.

Fort Vine

Slack lining

With such good weather, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to head to the park and set up the slack line. Again, great company, an activity I love, and the setting evening sun on a Friday night, glorious.

Slacklining Rotterdam
Slacklining Rotterdam
Slacklining Rotterdam


To finish the week, another bit of physical activity that gets the happiness hormones flowing. I went back to Monk Boulder gym and climbed until my arms ached and my fingers were covered in blisters. Call me crazy, but I bloody love it.

That’s all from me for this week. I leave Rotterdam on Thursday for Nice, which I’m super excited for. The next stage of the adventure begins.

Until next week, happy voyaging!