Notes from the road – edition 35: The Budapest block


After ten days of road tripping through the Dolomites, sleeping in a car, not showering, hiking every day, and living off pizza, Budapest has been the ultimate chance to just hit the reset button.

After a night catching up with some friends from back home, I picked up the keys to my accommodation. I’m incredibly lucky that my friends Mark and Mim from The Common Wanderer have recently moved to Budapest and were kind and generous enough to let me stay at their apartment, even though they’re off galavanting through Sweden and Italy! Seriously though, you guys rock, I can’t thank you enough.

My time in Italy really highlighted some things that we often take for granted. I’ve gained a newfound appreciation for those creature comforts that we come to expect when we’re in one place for a long time. Most notably, sleeping in an actual bed again has been bloody fantastic.

Aside from catching up on hours of sleep lost thanks to very cold nights in a very small car, I’ve used my time in Budapest to just hit the reset button. Since leaving Rotterdam, I’ve had a fairly intense few weeks, so slowing down the pace of things a little has been awesome.

I’ve been cooking some simple but delicious meals, showering every day like a normal person, indulging in too much coffee at the local cafés, and enjoying some time on the couch in front of the tv, something I very rarely do.

The added bonus of having an apartment all to myself for the week is how productive I’ve been. It’s enabled me to have a routine, which has led to a whole lot of work getting done. I’ve written drafts for over ten blog posts, updated a few things on the website, and planned out my next batch of travel.

Here are some of the blog posts I’ve written up and posted this week.

Surfs up - my experience at a Bali surf camp

At the start of 2019, I finally learned how to surf properly at a surf camp in Bali. Here’s my experience and what you can expect should you choose to do it yourself.

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Lago di Tenno - a definitive guide

Lago di Tenno, located in the Italian Dolomites, is a deep blue alpine lake perfect for every kind of traveller. It was my first stop on my ten-day road trip through the Dolomites and the beginning of an epic trip. Read this guide for all the information you need to visit it yourself.

A guide to the Dolomites hidden gem, Lago di Carezza

A perfectly still alpine lake of deep emerald, Lago di Carezza mirrors the looming Latemar Mountains like a beautiful painting. Read this blog post for all the information you need to visit this hidden gem in the heart of the Dolomites yourself.

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A definitive guide to hiking the Vajolet Towers | The Dolomites, Italy

At the heart of the Rosengarten Mountains in the Dolomites, Italy, lies the Vajolet Towers - a haven for climbers, hikers, and skiers alike. With a multitude of routes with varying difficulties, from an afternoon stroll to full-on adventure mode, the hike to the Vajolet Towers is an absolute must on any traveller’s itinerary. Read this blog post for all the information you need.

I’m off to Serbia this week with my friend Rachel from back home. We’ve got a car and a week full of adventures planned. Should be a good time.

Until next week, happy voyaging!