Notes from the road - edition 5: Canggu

It’s been a jam-packed week full of adventure, creating, and fun. I got into Canggu on Monday afternoon and was quickly reunited with my friend Gabe.

Last year I met Gabe in Australia just before RAD Livin. We became fast friends and he ended up sleeping on my floor for about 3 weeks. He’s a fellow photographer and film maker, and along with his friend (now also mine), Brett, we’ve been exploring and creating together all week.

Here’s some of the fun stuff we’ve done together so far.

Jungle Vibes.jpg
AH Swimwear.jpg
Campuhan ridge.jpg
Voyager Tales.jpg
Rice Paddy Views.jpg

Video and Youtube is something that I’ve wanted to become more involved in for quite a while now, and this week I’ve released two videos. My first narrative style video for the year, all about my journey up to this point and my first two weeks in Medewi, and a demo reel so I can start pitching to clients.  

View both here.

I’m super stoked that I’ve found yet another platform to practice my creativity. Having multiple platforms on which I can express myself feels like such a positive and I’m really excited to see where I can take it.

It’s funny. While it sounds all glamour and fun, there have been days this week where I’ve done nothing but sit at my laptop and tap away. Writing, editing photos and video, and pitching to potential clients. If I had worked this hard at pretty much any of my previous jobs, I would be feeling flat, unmotivated, and dreading the week ahead. But I’ve found something that makes my soul happy, so these days that must be ‘sacrificed’ so that I can continue to live this life are days that I look forward to. It is work that I have caught myself loving. Something that I never thought would be possible.

It just feels so incredibly invigorating to be able to wake up every day and work toward a goal that I have set, not one forced on me by societal expectations.

As I’ve said before and will probably say again, there is a massive road ahead of me to be where I want to be. But I could not be more excited about that road and all the potholes it entails.

Here’s to absolutely fizzing on life.

Happy voyaging!