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Notes from the road – edition 20: Dharamshala and 20 weeks of travel

I finally escaped the oppressive heat of Rishikesh for the misty mountains of Dharamshala. Plus, I’ve been travelling for 20 straight weeks, so I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned along the way.

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An adventure day to remember – visiting Sekumpul Waterfall + a complete guide

Set high in the mountains and deep in the jungle. Along mist-covered roads that wend and wind their way around the terrain. Through small villages with laughing children and dogs that jealously guard their territory, lies Sekumpul Waterfall. It’s Bali’s tallest waterfall, and yes, it’s as epic as it sounds

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Notes from the road - edition 12: roaming the hills of Sri Lanka

A week full to the brim with exploration through the mountains and hill country of central Sri Lanka. Plus, I’m FINALLY at the beach. Read more here.

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