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Who is The Voyager Tales?

I’m Ben, a roving explorer with a passion for travel and the restlessness of spirit to match. In 2018 I decided to trade my daily life for the ultimate adventure.

I wanted to share my journey with the world, so I started this blog to connect with the wanderers, the seekers, and the vagabonds. Those with salt water in their veins, the wind in their hair, and distant peaks in their eyes.

I’m a travelling storyteller armed with a camera, my words, and a passion for inspiring my audience to develop a love and natural curiosity for this beautiful world we inhabit.

Do you want your audience to be inspired too?

Why you should partner with The Voyager Tales

I tell tales.

Tales of adventure, of new places, of exciting experiences, and everything in between.

With a loyal audience of travel-minded humans, I will bring your experience, location, or product to life with my most powerful tools – eye-catching photography, awe-inspiring videography, and captivating words.

The travel industry has changed, travel agents, guidebooks, and your parents are no longer the go-to travel resource. Instead, intrepid adventurers look to online resources (like this travel blog) for all their essential travel info, tips, tricks and hacks.

Knowledge and experience with social media, SEO, and blogging means that partnering with me is securing your brand’s place in the ever-changing landscape of the travel industry.

People want authentic, real stories that speak to them personally.

Let my passion for unique and human-centric storytelling tell your brand’s tale.

My audience is

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How can we work together


Stunning photographs are the perfect way to catch the attention of eager travellers set on experiencing as much as possible. And if a photo can tell a thousand words, imagine the power of a video! Let my quality photography and videography capture the moment, place, and feeling you want your brand to be known for.

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New product you want to show off? No matter how grand or humble, let my genuine, human-centric approach to storytelling tell the tale of your brand. The post will be shared across social media and occupy some real estate on the website for a time.


Take me with you!
Got an experience that the world needs to know about? Let my words, photographs, and videos show off that experience and encourage a bit of wanderlust in all those who hear about it.

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Got something you want to promote? A new adventure tour or a unique hostel and café perhaps? Whatever it is, you and I both know that every traveller simply must know about it. I would be stoked to visit and try it out. I’ll take photos and write honestly about my experience.

Client Testimonials

I take immense pride in creating content that is both professional and beautiful. I’m not the kind of person to do things by halves, so you can expect 100% effort on every project. But don’t just take my work for it, check out what people have to say about the benefits of collaborating with The Voyager Tales

As the founding editor of Global Hobo, I contracted Ben to produce a video advertisement for a writing retreat he attended in Bali in 2018. He’s not only an incredibly talented video producer and editor, but he played the dominant role in shaping the content, and also provided the voiceover. From start to finish, working with him was a dream: Ben was communicative, open to suggestions, warm and professional, and I would be stoked to work with him again! Highly recommend.
— Gemma Clarke, Founding Editor of Global Hobo

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